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VRMENA Virtual Tours

Virtual Realityfever reached sports one of our favorite works is Al-Hilal football club (نادي الهلال) in Saudi. This Virtual Reality or Virtual Tour allows you to navigate to one of the biggest football clubs in Saudi Arabia. This virtual reality will allow you to discover the headquarter for this football team and view their facilities management offices and their departments including their training campuses. This virtual tour been visited by thousands of fans across the kingdom and the president of (نادي الهلال) Al-Hilal football club praised this virtual reality by publishing an official video on their official website. AlHilal Club(نادي الهلال) virtual reality was constructed in a user friendly manner and responsive which allows the user to navigate and explore the Alhilal club (نادي الهلال) HQ. You may view this virtual reality via any supported device or gadgets like Oculus rift vr kit . VRMENA will not stop with Alhilal Club (نادي الهلال) will expand to make Virtual Reality Dubai a living reality served by an expert team who is welling to bring success and move to another level. If you loved this virtual reality please share via social media and don’t forget to view our other virtual reality projects.